Risk scenarios


The main features of the Venture Capital are its contribution to the economy, high returns for investors and its contributions to the invested companies. However, investment in this sector implies high risks for all those involved. As well as in other investment strategies, these risks are originated by internal and external factors, in different magnitudes; therefore, it is recommended that investors create an investment strategy with the intention to reduce the risk, as there are no guarantees as to the capital invested or its potential returns.

It is important to keep in mind that this industry, sector, model or fund of capital may not be suitable for everyone interested, therefore it is the responsibility of each individual to understand the risks and, if necessary, request more information or the advice of an external advisor.

It is reminded that the content present on this website, social media, email and other communication channels of WORTEV CAPITAL, may not be considered, in whole or in part, as an invitation to invest in our investment vehicles, likewise, there is implicit or explicit statement that your investment can or will have a particular gain or lose, but are estimates of potential results derived from internal analysis based on the company’s operating records.

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