Empower Companies in Mexico

Empower Companies in Mexico

High-Impact Opportunities

Invest and Transform the Future

Invest and Transform the Future


Invest in companies that strengthen Mexico

Discover our Venture Capital fund dedicated to empowering enterprises. This Evergreen model, fund allows investors to allocate capital over time, and companies receive resources gradually. This approach not only maximizes growth opportunities but also ensures an accessible, profitable investment vehicle committed to making a significant impact in Mexico. Join the transformation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by investing in high-growth potential companies that contribute to a more sustainable future.
Simple, Accessible and Profitable

Simple, Accessible and Profitable

  • Created in 2018
  • One of the first Venture Capital funds open to individual and institutional investors
  • Annual returns up to 24%
  • Minimum investment term of 1 year
  • Monthly deposits
  • Investment starting from $10,000 MXN
  • No opening, management, or withdrawal fees
  • Fund for Mexican investors

Join the transformation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and contribute to creating a more prosperous and sustainable future for companies that are making a difference.

Enterprises are key drivers of the Mexican economy and employment.

We identify enterprises with high potential for returns and positive impact. Our Venture Capital fund is designed to support them in their early years, providing the necessary capital for their development and market expansion.

+10M USD en ingresos de las empresas con inversión​

+10M USD in revenue from invested companies

Invest in a portfolio that drives the economy with purpose
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Monthly return up to 2% or up to 24% annual gross.

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Our investors' opinion
"The most important thing is the transparency with which they handle information and their punctuality, which gives me a lot of confidence".

Rosario Valdez

"At DTRS IT Soluciones, we are committed to contributing to the development of companies in Mexico, and the solution presented by WORTEV CAPITAL as a private fund, with its experience, has achieved excellent results both for the registered companies and for the group of investors, in which we are proud to participate".



"There is absolute trust in WORTEV CAPITAL. I haven't had any problems".


Antonio Vela

Frequent questions

This investment vehicle has the characteristics of an evergreen fund. In other words, it is a vehicle designed to provide greater flexibility to investors. The fund is characterized by the gradual injection of capital throughout its lifespan and allows for reinvestments in specified time periods.

You can invest in WORTEV CAPITAL MX from $10,000 MXN for a term of 1 year (12 months) and receive a fixed annual return of 12%, deposited monthly in proportional parts of 2% directly into your bank account.

  • The minimum investment amount is: $10,000 MXN
  • The fixed term is: 1 year
  • The annual gross returns are 24%. They are paid monthly, so every month you will receive 2% (less taxes).
  • We withhold taxes and send your tax withholding voucher to your email once a year.

Our model grows the capital of our investors, integrated by aVenture Capital fund, a business accelerator and an educational platform that drives the birth, development and expansion of high-impact companies.
WORTEV CAPITAL is simple, accessible and profitable. If you are determined to get started, this is one of the best options to invest.

WORTEV CAPITAL MX does not charge opening or investment management fees. The monthly deposit return is already net of taxes (IVA and ISR).

Your investor profile allows you to monitor the development of your investments as well as access your contract and annual tax withholding statements.

WORTEV CAPITAL MX es una SOFOM ENR (Sociedades Financieras de Objeto Múltiple Entidad No Regulada). No somos una institución bancaria, no somos una SOFIPO (préstamos financieros) no ofrecemos productos del sistema financiero y no somos una Fintech, por lo que la CNBV nos supervisa (no nos regula) en términos de prevención de lavado de dinero y financiamiento al terrorismo. Y, al ser una empresa legalmente constituída (persona moral), estamos registrados ante el SAT, lo que nos permite emitir las constancias de retención de impuestos que marca la ley. Asimismo, somos miembros de AMEXCAP (Mexican Private Equity Association)