Evolving the mexican economy by empowering entrepreneurs with disruptive companies

WORTEV is a venture capital fund, business accelerator and learning platform. The main objective is to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting the birth, growth and expansion of high-impact companies in Mexico.

The venture capital fund stimulates the raise of additional resources to those generated by companies, which allows them to increase their investment capacity in research and development, as well as strengthen their business model.This way, the businesses success rate increases as they become more profitable and productive companies, improving their economic and social impact.


WORTEV’s mission is to evolve Mexico’s economy by promoting the development of startups that provide benefits and growth to the country. This model prepares, evaluates and develops companies, turning them into great opportunities for investors seeking high-growth potential projects.

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Since its establishment in 2013, WORTEV has empowered more than 112 entrepreneurs through its startup accelerator, while WORTEV CAPITALhas invested in ten startups since 2018.

WORTEV CAPITAL investment funds

Contribute and accelerate the economy by boosting high-impact companies through our funds.

  • Business incubator

    Focused on projects in the idea stage that need to validate their business model . This program is promoted in universities by WORTEV.

  • Startup

    Created to drive early-stage companies with high-growth potential. Open to individual and institutional investors.

  • Venture Capital

    Centered in companies with a consolidated business model. Available only to institutional investors.

Investment model that benefits investors and entrepreneurs

Fixed yields

Fixed income with high accessibility for the entrepreneur.

Potential growth
A growing investment model that drives companies with high-impact potential.
An added value that supports your investment and increases the success rate of the entrepreneur
Our funds focus on disruptive innovation projects with big ability to grow, focusing on the following sectors: