Investment model

Unlike traditional long term investments models, WORTEV CAPITAL one stands out for its accessible investment mechanism with excellent returns at a fixed rate and reduced risk for investors.


Que consiste en el desarrollo de una estrategia integral de inversión y acompañamiento. Este es el compromiso de nuestro modelo, donde a través de WORTEV Aceleradora, se profesionaliza y enfoca el negocio, contribuyendo tanto a la expansión como al aumento del valor de la empresa a través de un mecanismo financiero accesible y redituable, mientras que los inversionistas crecen su capital con los mejores rendimientos.

El fondo de capital emprendedor cuenta con un mecanismo de inversión único e innovador, que permite generar excelentes rendimientos fijos en un menor plazo de tiempo y se conforma de tres diferentes formatos:


  • Ideal for projects in the idea stage.
  • We verify the business model.
  • A program promoted in universities.


  • For companies in the early stages.
  • Model with growth potential.
  • Perfect for individual and institutional investors.


  • For companies in the consolidation stage.
  • Growing business model.
  • Best option for institutional investors.


For individual and institutional investors

A few years ago, it would have been unimaginable that one single investment alternative gave the same opportunities and returns to individual and institutional investors. Today, the evolution and innovation of investment models allows WORTEV CAPITAL to make it in an accessible, simple and profitable way through its STARTUP FUND.

  • Minimum investment: $1,000 dollars
  • Single investment period : 12 months
  • Annual fixed yield of 24% paid directly into your bank account at the end of the period.
  • Open to individual and institutional investors.


For institutional investors

We know that institutional investors want to place their capital in large-scale operations to diversify their portfolio. To this effect, we have an investment alternative with medium and long term horizons.

  • Open to institutional investors
  • Minimum investment

Are you an entrepreneur who requires capital to grow their company?

Currently, venture capital is the main alternative for companies that require resources and funds. The mechanism developed by WORTEV CAPITAL offers an attractive and innovative option for companies with high-growth potential.
Through our funds with an innovative venture debt format, companies have access to capital in exchange for a low portion of company shares. This mechanism allows entrepreneurs to minimize the risk of losing control of their company, gives them the opportunity to regain their shares while continuing with their evolution process, including the raise of new rounds of capital, as well as planning a successful exit strategy.
This is the process to follow:
  1. Fill the application.
  2. Start the preselection process.
  3. Receive pre mentoring to make an investment pitch.
  4. Make your pitch to the investment committee.
  5. The investment-acceleration process begins.
  6. APPLY