América Latina: mercado de valor para la industria Healthtech

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With the reinvention of the healthcare sector comes the Healthtech industry emerges. Since last year, the investment of new technologies in healthcare has accelerated with the purpose of offering better solutions and services more accessible in Latin America.

En la última década, el envejecimiento de la población y la falta de atención ponen retos importantes para el sector salud. Con un número de personas con padecimientos crónicos y la necesidad por impulsar alternativas de atención accesibles para todos, toma mayor relevancia la transformación de este sector.  

The incursion of new technologies in healthcare has given rise to healthtech. In such a way that technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are part of this transformation. With interconnection of these technologies solutions, new models for better medical care are created, according to Edeavor

What is healthtech? 

Las tecnológicas en salud empresas emergentes que crean y utilizan tecnología para mejorar soluciones en la saludAnd generate a positive impact in this sector in an integral way, according to the Healthtech Association in Mexico..

This trend gained strength from the health contingent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to be established to attend remotely triggered the emergence of more healthtech globally, particularly in Latin America and Mexico.

According to data from the Startupeable platform, the the innovation in digital health has grown exponentially in the last year. Situation that facilitates the birth of those emerging companies or healthtechs. 

The emerge of this healthtechs are similar to what happen with the fintech. The proposal of suggested solutions based on technology in the financial system was a reinvention of this market that nowadays offers new services and business models. 

For the Healthtech Association in Mexico. something similar will happen to the healthtech industry. With the application of new technologies in health will emerge different services in health attention and other sub sectors of health.

Principales tendencias de la industria healthtech en Latinoamérica 

The adoption of Healthtech companies in Latin America still maintains a development in the early stages. According to figures from Pitchbook, the investment in this industry will grow 5 years from 2020 and reach a total of 99 million dollars of investment in the region. 

With the technology and health application, the need to detonate this industry requires investment alternatives such as Venture Capital in Latin America.

Alternatives like venture capital have invested around 16 million dollars to promote the development of healthtech in Latin America in the last year, according to the Global Health & Pharma Magazine firm.

In the last few years the development of this industry in the region has increased exponentially. According to data of the global firm, the investment in technology innovation in health industry has rebounded in countries such as:

  • favored
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Peru

Tendencias en Healthtech:

The investments in venture capital focus on specialized applications in digital models, healthcare, mental health and wellness. 

Medical devices

With the need to offer comprehensive care, more and more emerging companies offer medical services through devices to monitor patient care and offer a diagnosis.

In Mexico there is Eva. A company that through a device and intelligent cabins is able to detect breast cancer.

Online attention and services

These healthtech companies were the ones with higher growth since the health contingency. Its business proposal improves different diagnostic and care processes remotely at a more affordable price. 


Healthtech companies also create wearable devices that are used to have access to physiological data in real time and thus provide care and monitoring of patients' well-being and health. 

Mental health

In this niche are other companies that have gained value within the industry. Currently, lifestyle and stress levels among the population have raised the need to take care of mental healthThese companies offer platforms and applications to address this aspect.

Healthtech industry in Mexico

The innovation in the health industry in Mexico is not a surprise. The necessities of this sector have caused more startups to seek innovative solutions to elevate and improve medical care. 

An Endeavor study about opportunities in entrepreneurship opportunities in the health sector in Mexico highlights that 70% of the budget for the public sector is allocated to treating diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cervical-uterine cancer. 

This situation leaves an open gap for new solutions and services in healthcare. Hence the need to boost investment in the implementation of disruptive technologies and new business models such as health techs in the country. 

Con el incremento de inversión en el desarrollo de más empresas healthtech se traducirá en un mejor sistema de salud tanto público como privado. 

Today, private capital takes the innovation of this sector as an opportunity to invest in its development. These Mexican companies are an example of how a sector is transformed.

To be part of this economic transformation, venture capital started with  WORTEV CAPITAL whose objective is to generate an ecosystem for investors and entrepreneurs that positively impacts everyone.

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With new technologies in the health sector, the Healthtech industry is emerging.

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