Healthtech: The Future of Health

Applied biotechnology to improve the extension and quality of life

Biotechnology is emerging as one of the most attractive industries. Inevitably, all human beings will need medical care and health solutions at one point in their life, and that is why it is fascinating for many investors. Although drug development offers the best returns in the market today, it is focused on only one aspect of all what biotechnology applications imply.

Science and the healthcare industry are currently facing a period of large-scale disruption with the incorporation of artificial intelligence and multiple platforms that allow consumer-centric and prevention-oriented care, improving quality and extending life expectancy.

The challenges faced by modern biotechnology go hand in hand with the needs of other companies. For example, hospitals need to meet certain quality standards, just as pharmaceutical companies need to produce and distribute specific active substances or vaccines in accordance with international regulations.

The pandemic contributed to the fact that Venture Capital investment in healthtech related innovations will increase to record levels, exceeding 2.44 trillion USD by 2028, according to the latest report from Grand View Research.

The biotechnology industry is worth approximately $458 billion dollars. And it is expected to grow 7.4% annually in the following years so its value reaches $727.1 billion by 2025, according to the same report.

The next generation of companies involving technologies such as MedTech, smart biopharma and bioengineering, among others, will be built by a new generation of multidisciplinary founders with extensive knowledge in these fields.

The healthcare or biotech companies of the future will learn from their predecessors in other areas: consumer, technologies, social, and more. WORTEV CAPITAL focuses on finding projects that show great expertise, knowledge and multidisciplinary skills, so that these sectors can evolve beyond traditional industry lines.