Terms and Conditions


About investments::

  1. Investments in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM must be done in U.S. dollars.
  2. Investors in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM could be natural or legal persons.
  3. To invest in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM must fill the following requirements: have the legal age, have a TAX ID and have opened a bank account abroad in US dollars.
  4. The investor will receive the returns annually based on the following table, considering the amount and end of the contract:









    $ 2,500


    $ 25,000


    $ 250,000


    NOTE: For the administration of the invested money of each investor, a fee of 100 USD per year will be charged for each order that is opened.

  5. The yield mentioned in the previous point will be deposited annually in the bank account that has been registered on the online profile, this will be done on the day when the investor made the capital deposit.
  6. The minimum amount for investments at WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM must be $2,500.00 (TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS 00/100 USD) and up to $250,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS 00/100 USD) to be processed..
  7. WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM only accepts investments made via bank transfer.
  8. There is no limit of investments in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM, it means, each investor can make as many investments as it wants (transfers), considering that those must be with the minimum amount mentioned in the point 6 which is a minimum of $2,500.00 (TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS 00/100 USD) and up to $250,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS 00/100 USD) to be processed.
  9. The mandatory term of each investment made in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM will vary depending on the amount invested as follows: 
    • $2,500.00 USD: Mandatory term of 1,3,5,7 and 10 years depending on the yield in which the investor is interested.
    • $25,000.00 USD: Mandatory term of 3,5,7 and 10 years depending on the yield in which the investor is interested.
    • $250,000.00 USD: Mandatory term of 5,7 and 10 years depending on the yield in which the investor is interested.
  10. The term of each investment made in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM may be at least 1 (ONE) year complying with the provisions of the previous point and up to 10 (TEN) years.
  11. The returns that will be paid annually, can not be reinvented (automatically or under investor request) in the initial investment, in case the annual return is equal to or greater than $2,500.00 (TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS 00/100 USD) and up to $250,000.00 (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS 00/100 USD), the investor must generate a new order number for the returns received, generation an investment separate from the initial one.
  12. The Investor has five business days before and five business days after the expiration of the term of his/her investment to request the total or partial withdrawal of his/her capital by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] In case the investor does not request such withdrawal, the investment will be automatically renewed without the need for a written request within a period of at least 12 months.
  13. To close and delete an account in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM, the user must not have any investment in progress and must exactly request it by sending an email to: [email protected] the procedure will be carried out in a maximum of 3 business days once the mail with the request has been received.

Investment management

  1. Due to the business model, the investor will not be able to choose the company/project to invest in.
  2. All investments made in WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM are concentrated in the same fund, of which WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM distributes to each company/project that funds the amounts it has planned for its growth.
  3. Monthly, companies funded by WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM deposit in a contractor account the returns corresponding to the amount they received. WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM is responsible for depositing the returns that correspond to each of the investors annually, as mentioned in point 5 of investments section.

Income statement:

  1. WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM will deliver to the investor an account status in which reflect the income of the investment such as the payment of returns as it corresponds, in this way the investor have a document that justifies the amounts entered from it account to WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM and on the other way.
  2. Each investor will be responsible for making the tax payment if applicable for the returns obtained from their investment.

Personal information

  1. Al By entering a phone number and email in the different contact pages of WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM, you authorize WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM to contact you to follow up on your interest and doubts about our service through SMS, WhatsApp, email and phone calls.
  2. In case you want WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM to stop contact you to follow up your interest or doubts about our service once you have provide your data, you must send an email with your request and contact details requesting the cancellation of the follow-up to the email [email protected]

WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM information and use of the portal or platform:

  1. The investor may not use WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM information, in whole or in part, for the publication of any article, publication in social media, conference, or any other event, if the investor wants to use the information, is needed a written request to WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM prior authorization for its use, otherwise the investor is prohibited from using WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM information for their benefit. Likewise, both the investors and WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM recognize each other’s industrial property rights, and therefore expressly waive the right to dispute ownership of each other’s rights and to use each other’s trademarks for their benefit, since they are registered rights and none of the parties may make use of the trademarks without prior written authorization. Likewise, they recognize in this act, that if they violate any concept indicated in the present term, the responsible party will be liable to the corresponding sanctions, and compensate the damages caused to the affected party.
  2. WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM is not responsible for any damages that the user may suffer as a result of access, use or misuse of the contents of the portal or the platform by the user or third parties. The user acknowledges and accepts that he/she uses the Internet and electronic means of communication under his/her own responsibility. Therefore, the user expressly releases WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM, its officers, employees, and directors from any administrative, civil or criminal liability, as well as from any financial or moral damages or any other damages that may arise from the use of such means of communication, releasing WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM from any liability arising from any action attributable to the user.
  3. The content of this portal o platform may not be reproduced in whole or in part, displayed, modified, recorded, copied, exhibited, disclosed, transmitted, distributed, published, printed, sold, licensed, quoted, or used to create a derivative work or for any other purpose, except with the prior written permission of WORTEV CAPITAL LATAM.