Mexican startups, what are their alternative investments to grow?

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The best startups in Mexico are those that achieve their consolidation in the last few years thanks to their disruptive and innovative business models, as well as the different investment models that exist in the country and that allow the growth and take-off of the ideas of entrepreneurs in Mexico. 

An Example of success is Kavak, a platform for buying and selling used cars that turns into the first Mexican unicorn , after an operation that valued the company at more than U.S. 1.15 billion dollars.

The Mexican market has become the second stop for the most outstanding startups in Latin America. An example is the Colombian venture Rappi or Nubank in Brazil that has a presence in Mexico, which positions the country as a reference for entrepreneurship, innovation and investment.

In the first half of 2021, Mexico registered 352 startups in sectors such as: health, ecommerce, software, transportation, food technology and fintech, according to Statista.

¿Qué es startups en México?

Una startup es una empresa emergente que tiene como factor distintivo el uso de tecnología e innovación. Además de tener un gran potencial de escalabilidad, su principal misión es generar un cambio en las actividades cotidianas de la sociedad a través de disruptivos modelos de negocio, productos y servicios.

Why promote venture capital?

Mexico has become the epicenter of the startup ecosystem in Latin America. The conditions offered by the market are a magnet for technology companies that seek an opportunity to develop and grow.

The country is considered the third best environment to launch a startup in the region,below Colombia and Chile, according to the global repport 2021/2022 Opportunity Amid Disruption, by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which evaluates the conditions offered by countries tostimulate the startup ecosystem. 

Venture capital is one of the main alternative investments for those looking for an alternative that provides them the necessary capital to develop their projects. Through this investment model, entrepreneurs have access to different opportunities to enhance their business models and to investors, innovative projects with high returns.

Investment alternatives to accelerate the growth of Mexican startups 

These are the investment alternatives examples in the country to promote startups development.

Este modelo de inversión tiene como objetivo impulsar el desarrollo de emprendimientos en etapas tempranas con gran potencial de crecimiento. Este tipo de inversión aporta el capital  así como asesorías y mentorías de especialistas en las diferentes áreas necesarias para su crecimiento.

Through this investment model, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to raise the necessary capital for the first years of their project. And investors have the chance to diversify their portfolio in exchange for attractive returns. 

15 Mexican startups that stand out in the Latin America market

The startup ecosystem in Mexico is giving results and different startups achieve positioning in the country and outside the country. On the other hand, the country has become attractive to Latin American startups looking for the ideal market to expand themselves. 

We present the best startups in Mexico that have managed to excel in the country and the rest of Latin America.


Sector: ecommerce

Founded in 2016 by Carlos García, Loreanne García and Roger Laughlin. This is one of the best startups in Mexico, it has experienced exponential growth thanks to its business model that allows the purchase and sale of used cars through an application. It is positioned as the best valued unicorn in Latin America with U.S. 8,700 million dollars, in June 2022 edition of the ranking to the best valued startups in the world of CB Insights.


Sector: fintech

It is one of the most consolidated Mexican startups in the country. It was founded in 2014 by Pablo Gonzáles and Daniel Vogel. It is the first unicorn in Mexico with a platform for purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through a mobile app. In 2021 it was called a unicorn by raising an investment of 225 million dollars and a valuation of 2,200 million dollars.


Sector: fintech

This Mexican startup was created in 2013 by Adolfo Babats. It belongs to the fintech sector and offers the service of payment by credit or debit card through a smartphone, a payment tool for small and medium businesses. During 2021 it became the third Mexican unicorn by raising an investment of 250 million dollars in a round led by Softbank, Latin America Fund and Viking Global Investors.


Sector: logistics

Mexican startup founded in 2018 by Alfonso de los Ríos and Maximiliano Casa. It is a logistics platform that allows the users through its algorithm to simplify cargo services by identifying the best routes to navigate, as well as the site where the products shipped are located. It uses tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things.


Sector: fintech

Founded in 2018 by Marlene Garayzar and Bin Chen, this Mexican startup is the most recent unicorn in the country to achieve a valuation of U.S. 1.2 billion after a C-2 series round. Fintech specializes in offering credit cards to people that do not have the credit record required by traditional banks. Promoting the financial inclusion of the population.


Sector: ecommerce

Founded in 2019 by Ricardo Martínez and Ricardo Weder, this Mexican startup is focused on offering a supermarket service 100% online. It is the link between suppliers and consumers through its app. It has presence in different cities of the country and around Latin America in countries such as Brazil and Peru. 


Sector: fintech

Fundada por Daniel Arana y Francisco Padilla en 2015 que ofrece préstamos para pymes vía online de una forma rápida  a través de fuentes de datos e inteligencia artificial. Es uno de los unicornios más jóvenes de Latinoamérica. 

Guru Hotel 

Sector: ecommerce

A Mexican startup offers an ecommerce platform for independent hotels. Its services allows them to create their own website quicklier and their guests can book online. It was founded in Mexico in 2019 by Jorge Flores, Josue Gio and Stiven Martínez.


Sector: insurtech

A Mexican startup founded by Cristina Cervallo and Javier Orozco in 2017. This platform uses artificial intelligence systems and data analysis that allows users to quote, customize and insure their cars in a safe way and 100% digital, and agents are not needed. Also, it is the first car insurance company to obtain a permit to operate in the country, permit granted by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF).


Sector: insurtech y healthtech

Mexican startup that offers services and products related to health. The site allows appointments with medical specialists online. It was founded in 2018 by Arturo Sánchez and Sebastián Jiménez, but was until 2020, during the contingency due the pandemic, that achieved positioning.


Sector: Saas

A mexican chatbots and voice recognition startup, created by Brenda Mana Pastrian and Esteban Gorupicz in 2018. It uses Machine Learning to train their bots with the intention to let them understand different languages and offer their clients a voice assistant trained according to their needs.


Sector: healthtech

Founded in 2015 by Jullián Cantú, this Mexican startup raise 5.2 million dollars in the seed stage in 2018.It develops a portable device (bra) and special booths that use technology to detect early breast cancer through thermal technology and artificial intelligence that allow tumor detection.

Sector: insurtech

Mexican startup specialized in personalized health insurance, founded in 2019 by Mario Daniel Aguillón, Diego Muradás and Rafael Verduzco. This platform offers a 100% online service and provides coverage for accidents, illnesses and heart attacks, to name a few.


Sector: IA y Big Data

Mexican startup that offers a solution for recruiting personnel through technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning and big data. Founded in 2016 by Cera Makarov and José María Pertusa.


Sector: proptech 

Fundada en 2015 por Norman Müller y René Serrano. La plataforma mexicana ofrece conectar a propietarios de inmuebles con posibles inquilinos a través de un proceso de renta totalmente digital y sin la necesidad de aval.

WORTEV CAPITAL investment strategy is focused on investing in Mexican ventures and startups with high growth potential and innovative ideas. Our objective is to generate an ecosystem for investors and entrepreneurs that positively impacts everyone. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor, contact us.

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