1 de November de 2022

The incursion of new companies and ventures in Mexico strengthen its presence in the market. Currently, the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem stands out for its attractive talent around the world both institutional and individual investors. 

With this dynamism, we increasingly hear about success stories and milestones of companies in early stages with the capacity to raise large amounts of capital for their growth, and even become unicorns. 

As happened in 2021, the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem added 10 unicorns through private equity. An investment alternative that is emerging as the main ally for the ecosystem. 

This growth in the industry attracts the attention of new players, for example, institutional investors such as specialized funds. But also individual investors. 

Investors in the private equity industry

This type of investment in ventures, currently establishes an opportunity for individual and institutional investors, but what is the difference?

Individual investor

Is an investor in their first investment portfolios This is about a natural person who decided to increase his wealth. Generally, do not have an investment strategy, but have knowledge of basic concepts. 

Like any investor, this person can invest in ventures through a specialized fund in the industry. 

The Startup Fund of WORTEV CAPITAL is an option in the industry, open to investment by any individual seeking to create their wealth and, in turn, detonate Mexican companies. 

Institutional investors

Venture capital funds inversionistas institucionales en México son organizaciones o fondos con un expertise en el mercado financiero.  They usually go for long term strategies and are willing to take higher risks for better returns. También entran organismos internacionales y fondos especializados.

Estos son ejemplos de inversionistas institucionales y corporativos: 

Each of these types of funds and institutional investors have a great amount of capital seeking for sectors and ventures with potential and profitability.

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Semillero para emprendedores e inversionistas

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America is one of most recognized markets for its talent and innovation opportunities. 

The development of the region in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, mainly companies in early stages, hardly found investment alternatives, which is usually the capital to start these projects.  

The Latin America region is characterized by the conditions and development of ventures from an idea to a consolidated company. In recent months, the technological incursion accelerated innovation and the emergence of emerging companies in the region. 

In consequence, the region remains as a reference to the industry for general partner, institutional and local investors. For years, Latin American countries had a system to protect the development of a company from the moment it emerged as an idea until its consolidation. 

Countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico have programs and alternatives to stimulate the creation of more companies and consolidate its presence in the market. According to the IBD, a determining factor in the development of these companies are accelerator programs, and incubator funds.

Mexico, the favorite in the region 

The behavior of this ecosystem in the region increases the interest of more and more investors in the ecosystem. While the region has relevance by itself, Mexico is also one of the most important. 

In the country, the development of companies is one the pillars of growth and job creation. Hence, their development is a crucial part of the economy.

Additionally, during 2021, the incursion of more international funds and institutional investors such as Softbank Sequoia Capital, show the increase for investing in Mexican companies. 

Within the Mexican market, these factors make the country a seedbed for high potential companies:

  • Technology adoption 
  • Talent in the ecosystem 
  • Opportunities and needs of the Mexican market 

In less than two years, Mexico remains as the second most important country in Latin America with a strengthened ecosystem. 

Its characteristics allow the emergence of new companies in new markets, the incursion of technology and more unicorns have placed the Mexican market on the radar of other markets.

Factores que atraen a más inversionistas institucionales

With more ventures and seed-stage startups. The role of more individual and institutional investors to detonate this market is fundamental. 

  • New business models
  • Transformation of traditional and technological sectors 
  • Opportunity for investors
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability
  • Flexible investment alternatives 
  • Access to new markets

Private equity is an alternative in the sights of both institutional investors and international funds, as well as individual investors. Its potential and attractiveness outlines it as one of the alternatives to any investment portfolio. 

Investment models such as venture debt and venture capital are not only a lever of development for the Mexican economy and companies, but also represent an option to grow your capital. 

WORTEV CAPITAL, as a venture capital fund we detonate the growth of companies in key sectors for the country. For both individual and institutional investors.