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The city of Monterrey will host the new Tesla plant, this will be the first approach of the Mexican market to smart mobility. The development of autonomous cars will be one of the main pillars for investment in urban mobility in the country. 

This new company in the north of the country is an example of how mobility and technology represent a new opportunity for social and economic development in which the private initiative as well as any type of investor will participate. 

Technology occupies a fundamental place in the search for sustainable alternatives that allow solving the problem of urban mobility. From the incursion of new technologies, the development of new markets such as mobility, also known as Mobility Techis encouraged . It is an industry that proposes a solution to different problems of connectivity and rapprochement between large cities, of which Monterrey will be a part.

Population growth in large cities and the chaos that exists in them is a trigger that drives governments and the private sector to invest to achieve sustainable mobility. 

Learn why smart cities or smart cities is a value market to invest

How does urban mobility technology improve our day to day?

Urban mobility not only brings us closer to the use of smart cars to make our day to day easier. Currently, the use of big data technologies, artificial intelligence or 5G technology bring us closer to a digital experience in which they interact with domestic devices, even in specific processes such as logistics, infrastructure or automotive manufacturing. 

Mobility technology in large cities is tangible today in:

  • Digital transportation platforms such as Didi and Uber
  • Global Positioning System or GPS
  • Electric and autonomous cars
  • Advanced driver assistance systems 
  • Digital platforms in logistics

In order to make urban mobility safe, accessible, inclusive and efficient, collaboration between public and private initiative will be decisive. The implementation of this sector contributes directly to the population's access to health, education, work and culture. 

The mobility and technology market is an investment that impacts the progress of a country and also a profitable alternative. According to the study Mobility Tech Public Comp Sheet and Valuation Guide Q1 2023, by Pitchbook, in the first three months of the year it was one of the markets with the highest profitability within the technology industry.

In the particular case of Tesla, it registered a considerable recovery in its shares in the first quarter of the year. This thanks to the fact that the company achieved larger-than-expected profits during January and at the same time. Also, it lowered the prices of key car models as a strategy to increase demand. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing companies in recent years, from 2010 to 2019 it registered a 20-fold growth, according to data from McKinsey & Company

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Private capital as a trigger for mobility through technology

The new conditions of cities demand more efficient forms of communication, transport and connection. The growth of the population in the last twenty years has promoted research and development to find solutions to the problems of mobility in large cities.

For this reason, private capital funds are increasingly focused on promoting technological development within this sector, since it represents a response to the problem of urban mobility in the world and a market with great growth potential that will benefit development. of cities. 

These are the private equity funds that are already investing in mobility:

  • Proeza Ventures: Located in Monterrey, Mexico and Houston, Texas, this venture capital is considered the largest fund in Latin America focused exclusively on mobility. It invests in companies in early stages and within its portfolio are startups such as Deftpower and Joyride
  • Mobility Fund: European venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups. The sectors in which they are concentrated are connectivity, shared mobility, electrification, autonomy and logistics. 
  • Toyota Ventures: Located in San Francisco, United States, it is the first venture capital fund that invests in early stages of Toyota. They invest in autonomy, mobility, cloud technology and smart cities to name a few sectors. 
  • Mobility ventures: US venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies. Startups seek efficient mobility and promote a mobile lifestyle, using data science, mHealth, location-based services or AI. 

Although a large part of private capital investors are concentrated in consolidated markets such as the United States, little by little their presence extends to regions such as Latin America, and they are even adding more to the Mexican market. 

Technology and mobility in Latin America

Accessibility and safety in mobility is one of the main objectives in Latin American countries.The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, CEPAL, considers that the cities of the region represent a great opportunity to promote sustainable urban mobility. 

Investment in mobility tech will play a fundamental role so that Latin America can reduce the accessibility gap in terms of mobility, compared to cities in other leading countries. 

In the task of achieving sustainable urban mobility within the region, Mexico has already taken its first steps. Tesla's presence in the country is only part of the implementation of mobility tech; for example, electric vehicles are already recurrent in different cities of the country. Even Mexico City is the birthplace of startups such as Dezba, the only Mexican company that rents electric bicycles in a safe and sustainable way.

Technologies associated with the digitization of mobility in more advanced stages, such as applied artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicles, are gaining relevance in the region. According to an analysis by BID Lab it is expected that by 2025 interest in taking off the use of artificial intelligence and technologies will grow. In this way, it will seek to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

At WORTEV CAPITAL we are focused on investing in early stages of innovative technological projects that promote the economic development of the country. Hand in hand with the first nuclear accelerator that is integrated into the operation of key areas of the companies.

In this way, entrepreneurs obtain advice from experts that allows them to optimize their operation. As well as improve the results of the key areas of the company. 

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Urban mobility technology aims to stimulate social and economic development.

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