Tourism in Mexico: trends that mark the sector in this 2023

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Tourism in Mexico is one of the main economic engines that in recent months has been affected by social confinement after the Covid-19 pandemic. Its recovery will be subject to new trends and technologies that favor the safety and care of both tourist centers and visitors.

Tras la reactivación de actividades económicas del país, el turismo es una de las industrias que ha trabajado para reinventarse y así mantener su atractivo. De enero a noviembre del 2022, ingresaron al país más de 24 mil millones de dólares proveniente de turistas internacionales. Un aumento de 13% respecto al año previo a la pandemia, de acuerdo con datos de la Digital Tourism Magazine, in its February 2023 edition. 

The increase in capital coming from this sector anticipates a forward dynamism that, in turn, will translate into a reactivation for the economy. Likewise, the technological incursion and consumer preferences will set the tone for growth and trends in the tourism sector in this year.  

For this 2023, the preferences of travelers will focus on destinations that offer rest, health, meditation, as well as experiences in nature.  Here we list the main trends:

tourism at home

Local or domestic tourism became the viable option to reactivate this sector in Mexico. After the gradual opening, local tourism showed a recovery since mid-2020. Figures from the Ministry of Tourism indicate that the sector 211 thousand 327 million pesos, an increase of just over 90 billion pesos in the last year despite of the pandemic.

Condition that can anticipate a better performance in the following months as long as safety and sanitary measures are prioritized.

With a perspective of economic recovery, the country supports domestic tourism as a fundamental part of this reactivation. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Mexico to grow 2.7% in 2023, these expectations would translate into a recovery of the country's main economic drivers such as tourism.

So that the growing preference of tourists to travel within the country will benefit magical towns, mountains or rural areas as safe and more reliable alternatives.

In such a way that the stakeholders must take this new context into account to trigger trips to national destinations, strengthen and build consumer loyalty and strengthen the industry.

New era of tourism in Mexico

The new normality in tourism in Mexico poses new measures for both businessmen in the sector and tourists in their way of traveling. In particular, these tourists will seek to carry out activities, stay and transport with private services or with little capacity.

According to the study by the firm EY , more than half of Mexicans plan to travel as soon as external conditions allow it.

Also, 4 out of 10 Mexican tourists specified that they will do so as long as the destinations have security measures. An indicator that could reactivate this sector in the medium and long term.

With the new normality, Mexican tourists will opt for more personalized, exclusive, sustainable and safe tourism that impacts both globally and locally. These are the trends that are transforming tourism in Mexico:


With a more conscious consumption in social and environmental issues, sustainable tourism will offer trips that respect the environment and local culture.

Sustainable travel aims to take care of environmental resources, preserve biodiversity and impact the local and cultural economy.

luxury tourism

The luxury tourist seeks maximum comfort, without wanting to waste time on paperwork or waiting, as well as unique and personalized experiences. Luxury in travel is related to traveling without stress, without rushing or routines. Being cared for with care, enjoying unique and enriching experiences that exceed the expectations created. Personalized trips with maximum comfort and quality ..

wellness tourism

This type of tourism is a trend in Mexico as it focuses on offering experiences in their trips that improve their quality of life, their physical and emotional condition.

For this market, travelers opt for activities such as spa treatments, temazcales, yoga, meditation, organic food, and spiritual retreats, among others. In this market, Mexico has the conditions and characteristics to be a benchmark.

Gastronomic tourism

This type of tourism is of great relevance in the country as it has the ability to offer a large number of culinary experiences to national and foreign tourists. Mexico is already a world reference for its gastronomy and the Traditional Cuisine of Mexico is part of UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Resuming gastronomic tourism is also an opportunity to learn about the country's history, reactivate the consumer and restaurant sectors, as well as local businesses in each community.

nomadic travelers

Business travel represents a branch with potential for the sector. Now with an increase in remote work there are more Mexicans who will opt for destinations that allow them to do their work and enjoy the place. These types of travelers or digital nomads balance destinations with the use of technology. With the incursion of more technological tools it will be easier to work anywhere.

traveler loyalty

In this new context, Mexican tourists will opt for destinations that guarantee their safety and health and will also look for those that offer loyalty programs. This strategy has worked effectively in financial products and services to retain more users.

Technology, how does it transform tourism?

The use of technological tools is essential for the tourism industry globally. These offer various alternatives that adapt to the new habits of travelers, as well as to optimize and automate processes in hotels, restaurants, reservation platforms, etc. 

The Mexican platforms Gurú de viaje and Rotamundos have established themselves internationally as alternatives in the digital search for flights, lodging and, in general, as an opportunity to plan complete trips at a low cost and without intermediaries. What also offers tourists autonomy throughout the process and greater confidence when traveling. 

These are the technologies that are currently transforming tourism: 

  • virtual assistants
  • big data 
  • 5G connection
  • facial recognition 
  • blockchain

In the reactivation of tourism in Mexico, it will be essential for stakeholders to build alliances to provide better security measures and create confidence in travelers. Thus responding to these trends and new consumer preferences. As well as tourism and technology, here we list more sectors that are gaining ground in the venture capital industry ..

At WORTEV CAPITAL our main objective is to create an ecosystem for investors and entrepreneurs that positively impacts everyone.

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Tourism is one of the industries that has been transformed by technological innovation. These are the main trends.

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