Investors in Mexico promote a virtuous circle in the ecosystem

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Entrepreneurs and investors in Mexico find a competitive ecosystem for the takeoff and development of business projects. Thanks to the characteristics it has, the country has managed to position itself internationally as a space full of opportunities for emerging companies with high potential.

Currently, there are 574 startups in Mexico, which positions it in 26th place in the Startup Ranking. This data is relevant to understanding the presence of international private equity investment funds in the country. 

Damaris Mendoza, investor relations manager at 500 Global and ambassador at WeInvest Latam and Global Women in VC, explica en entrevista que una de las main characteristics for Mexico to be considered a platform for entrepreneurs in Latin America is precisely the development of private equity industry. 

“For an ecosystem to be well rounded there have to be several things: talented entrepreneurs committed to solving a problem. There must be capital, talent, resources, services. Young and significant ventures that mature and become success stories”.

Mexico is a market with a geographical position that makes it a reference point for starting projects. It is even a mandatory stop to expand to other markets such as the U.S. and Latin Americawhich maintains the attention of investors in the private equity industry.

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Invest in Mexican talent

Damaris Mendoza emphasizes not losing sight of the potential of the Mexican market and its development. This is because the country has public and private elements that detonate economic activity. In addition to the opportunities to create new projects that provide solutions to structural problems of the market. 

For the Global 500 specialist , it is really important to invest in Mexican ventures; because it is investing in the next 15 years in the region. However, it is important to do it with discipline and structure, thinking about building a robust and scalable ecosystem.  

Investments in private capital are an option to boost an economy through support for local businesses that seek to respond to current problems. Private equity funds are an alternative for those companies that do not have the opportunity to access traditional models.  

“I think that as local investment funds we have to play in our own court and we can say: this is what we want for the long term and this is what we have to pay attention to”.

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Investors in Mexico trigger the economy and innovation

As of 2021, private capital investors saw in Mexico the ideal conditions to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Thus, the first unicorns in the country were born, driven mainly by international private equity funds. 

Private capital encourages research, entrepreneurship and innovation through key investments that also promote the country's economic development by generating jobs and promoting the development of the most relevant industries in Mexico. 

Although with reservations, this year has been stable. Until September, investments in venture capital in Mexico reached 2.1 million dollars, according to figures from the Transactional Track Record (TTR). Transactional Track Record (TTR).

"One of the main characteristics that makes Mexico interesting is that, in general terms, it is the second country in LATAM with the most developed investment ecosystem."

Platform for entrepreneurs and investors 

Mexico is a platform for entrepreneurs and investors and is distinguished by its talent, population size and access to digital services. These elements are key in the creation of new markets and position the country globally.  

Factores clave que incentivan la inversión de emprendimientos en el país: 

  • Size of the economy: Mexico’s economy is one of the most relevant in Latin America. Also, its population amounts to 130 million people, making it a market full of opportunities.
  • Different problemsas an emerging market, the country has different problems to solve. Solving the, expands the possibility of success in investment funds
  • Key region due to its geographical position: Mexico is considered the gateway to other markets. EThis is considered in Latin America and startups such as Nubanck or Rappi establish their headquarters in it. Also, companies like Amazon are installed in Mexico to reach the Latin American market.
  • Scalability of the projects: the size of the economy, different problems to solve and the possibility to reach new markets are ways for enterprises scalability.

Elements of the Mexican market for entrepreneurs 

Mexico as a point of reference for entrepreneurs and investors increased the number of unicorns in the ecosystem. Jokr, one of the startups founded in the country, achieved its unicorn valuation with investment from international funds Tiger Global, Kaszek and Monashees.

The delivery startup created by the German Ralf Wenzel began its operations in the country due to the opportunity that this market represents for this sector.

"There is a significant number of funds that are increasingly professionalizing the investment process and that are not guided by a hunch, they are working to take the Mexican market to the next level."

The investment strategy at WORTEV CAPITAL focuses on investing in innovative Mexican companies and startups with high scalability potential. Our goal is to create an ecosystem for investors and entrepreneurs that positively impact everyone. If you are an entrepreneur or investor, come to us.

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Investors in Mexico see the country as a platform that benefits the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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