Promoting high impact companies

The strategy behind the investment

We select early stage companies with business models focused on science and technology.

We adjust our investment schemes according to the characteristics of each project, following a work plan of objectives achieved. This strategy allow us to promote the growth of companies and provide more certainty to investors.

With a great growth capacity, scalability, replicability , ESG features, being some examples of priority topics: Cleantech, sustainable agriculture, access to health, biotechnology, consumption 5.0, circular economy, education.

We consider companies linked to emerging industries, future industries, productive vocations and strategic federal or state projects.

Invest and promote job generation, economic growth and stability for LATAM

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accrued and delivered to investors since 2018

Investment in ventures in Latin America represent a unique opportunity to generate economic impact

With WORTEV CAPITAL you support the development of small companies and startups through diagnostics that allow them to optimize their operational business core, accompanying them and facilitating them access to capital.
















Diego Nieder 2018

Gabriel Murillo 2018

Carlos Jair Nara 2021

Estefanía Castro 2017

Rocío Emeterio y Daniel de la Fuente

Fausto Cortés López 1991

Viridiana Lina y Oscar Sánchez 2021

They reinvented social and business events through a unique concept in modern and attractive event halls that respond to the needs of the public.

Offlander es una marca pionera en el diseño y fabricación de calzado urbano que desafía los estereotipos de género en la moda. Confeccionado por talentosas manos mexicanas y utilizando los mejores materiales, ofrecen una amplia gama de opciones personalizables y exclusivas para satisfacer todos los gustos. Su enfoque vanguardista y unisex los hace líderes en ofrecer calzado con un diseño único.

Yunno change the game for breakfast, they offer a complet, instant and delicious meal. Its innovative formula provides all the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet in a creative ready to enjoy presentation.
MrNeux is the bridge between the consumer and the brand. With cutting-edge technology, he deeply knows the audience and finds the key competitive advantages for the company.
Through action in favor of the Mexican field, COLLECTA exports fruits and vegetables encouraging fair trade, better agreements and equitable opportunities for field producers in Mexico.
ASA innovates the coating industry by offering the highest quality standard in surface protection and maintenance. It applies and commercializes solutions for surfaces, protecting the infrastructure value of businesses, factories and residences.
T-Sobra focuses on promoting an ecologic lifestyle and restoring nature. Through the recolection of organic waste and the production of organic compost, contributing to the enviroment and estimulate the social economic development.

Our entrepeneurs

"Having goals, financial runs, projections, procedure manuals... I believe that this is the order a company should have. This is the main thing I have learned from WORTEV.”

"When you start a business, you not only focus on your business specialty, there are many areas around you to work. Thanks to the WORTEV team, we have someone to guide us in key areas to keep growing." 

“We are a company that offers value through the infrastructure of each of our customers, and with WORTEV, we have found both stability and an ally to help us in our ongoing growth.”

“Among the lessons I have learned from WORTEV, undoubtedly, teamwork and good planning are the most important. This allows us to focus and not skimp on what truly matters.”

“We are convinced that we arrived at the right place. Before, we were a notebook filled with ideas, today we are sending agricultural products to North America thanks to WORTEV. The future looks bright.”

“We were able to go from a dream to a reality, we moved from something we had been dreaming of for many years to a functioning business. Having a team like WORTEV really made all the difference.”


Focused in Mexico and available to the individual and institutional investor.

Affordable initial investment with monthly returns.

Portfolio focused on technology related projects located in Latin America.

Investment that offers annual and variable returns.