Evolving Mexico and the world

Be a part of the future and invest in companies that are transforming the economy

We invest venture capital to boost the growth of companies and maximize their potential

We offer investment vehicles focused on pre seed, seed y early stage, created according to the risk profile, investment horizon of each investor and type of company:


High return opportunities

Invest in high impact profitable business models with significantly high returns on investment

Investment openness

We democratize Venture Capital, allowing the participation of individual and institutional investors

Focused investment

A portfolio of projects aligned with strategic industries and trends for the economy

Fueled companies

We select entrepreneurial projects or companies in early stages with high impact characteristics. Our strategy is focused on business models linked to strategic industries and sectors for the economy due to their scientific and technological base.

5 years of experience in the market




investment orders

"The most important thing is the transparency with which they handle information and their punctual payments; that gives me a sense of safety."


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